SPPIS NEWSLETTER 29th December, 2014 & Annual Report-2014

Posted by Dr Desh Raj Sirswal on December 29, 2014 at 12:40 PM

SPPIS NEWSLETTER 29th December, 2014 & Annual Report-2014

Dear Friends,

Greetings from SPPIS Haryana and welcome new members. Since this newsletter is the last issue of the year 2014. Thanks for your continuous support and motivation towards works of CPPIS Pehowa (Kurukshetra) and SPPIS Haryana. Hope our association will be the same in the next year too. Keep thinking.

Here are some updates :

National Seminar on Education for Enhancing Ethics & Excellence (NSEEEE-2015)

International Conference on Improving Learning Efficiency and Effectiveness

UGC Sponsored Two Days National Seminar on Sustainable Tourism

Two Days Internationalro seminar on the topic,”World Crisis and the GandhianVision”

Model Governance Foundation: Online Research Internship, 2015

International Conference on Women Empowerment & Social Sciences – 2015

International Conference on Contesting ‘Self’ and ‘Other’: Identities of Caste, Tribe, Gender and Beyond

International Conference on Women Empowerment & Social Sciences – 2015

60th Session All India Philosophy Association

Call for paper South -Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (SAJMS) ISSN:2349-7858

Workshop on Cultural Buddhism


Two days International Seminar on RE-DISCOVERING THE ETHICS AND VALUES

National Workshop on Caste, Experience and Poverty of Education: Perspectives from South India

Call for Papers : National Seminar on “Folklore and Tribal Studies in Eastern and Northeast India: Perspective and Present Status”

Call for Papers : International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Training Programme “Monitoring & Evaluation of Development Interventions”

National Seminar on Professionalization of Education: Problems & Opportunities in India

Parishodhan-Global Research Journal (PRINT) (ISSN 2278-1536)

Textual Workshop on Tarkasangraha of Annambhatta

National Seminar on “Human rights for the marginalized groups: Understanding & Rethinking Strategies”



Centre’s Updates in the Year 2014:

Online Books: 03

• The Philosophy of Dalit Liberation [Kindle Edition], Desh Raj Sirswal (Editor) Publisher: Centre for Studies in Educational, Social and Cultural Development (CSESCD), Milestone Education Society (Regd.), Pehowa (March 26, 2014),Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.,

• CPPIS Manual for Contributors and Reviewers, Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS), Pehowa (Kurukshetra), 6th September, 2014 ,

• Proceedings of the Symposia of Philosophy- Late Prof. A.K.Sinha


Online Article:06

• “Philosophy of Social Change: Need of an Indian Model” , A Point of View: Philosophy Insights in Philosophy Cosmos Newsletters 2015,

• डॉ अम्बेडकर महात्मा क्यों नहीं बन पाये ?

• सामाजिक न्याय और धर्म (डॉ. भीमराव आंबेडकर जयन्ती पर विशेष- 2014)

• भारतीय राजनीति और दलित समस्याएँ

• शहीद भगत सिंह का भारतीय युवाओं को सन्देश (शहीद भगतसिंह जयंती विशेष-२०१४)

• ज्ञान के प्रतीक डॉ भीमराव अम्बेडकर जी (6 दिसम्बर: महापरिनिर्वाण दिवस पर विशेष)

The above short articles available at:


Programme Organised:03

• A Lecture on “Ideals of Sarada Ma in Modern Age” organised by Departments of Hindi and Philosophy, P.G.Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh held on 9th September, 2014.

• An Interactive Meeting on “Educational Ideas of Guru Rabindranath Tagore and Shaheed Bhagat Singh at Department of Philosophy, P.G.Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh held on 27th September, 2014.

• “World Philosophy Day-2014” at Departments of Philosophy, P.G.Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh in association with CPPIS, Pehowa (Kurukshetra) held on 19-11-2014.



• महात्मा ज्योतिबा फुले और डॉ आंबेडकर का जन्मदिवस, वाल्मीकि आंबेडकर शिक्षा प्रसार समिति. मांडी April 12, 2014.

• "हमारा समाज और सामाजिक न्याय :संघर्ष के आयाम " हरियाणा लोक पहल (डॉ भीमराव आंबेडकर जी जन्मदिवस कार्यक्रम) कैथल (हरियाणा) April 14, 2014.

• “डॉ. भीमराव अम्बेडकर महापरिनिर्वाण श्रद्धांजली समारोह” भगवान वाल्मीकि छात्रावास, कुरुक्षेत्र, 06 दिसम्बर, 2014.


Online Pages Developed:03

• Second Online Session of SPPIS Haryana: June 2014.

• Elements of Philosophy, September 2014.

• शब्दांजली : Our Publications, Manuals etc. November 2014.


Posters: 04

• Development of Morality in Human Life

• Philosophy and Values in Public Affairs

• The Positive Philosophy

• Poster: What is Positive Philosophy?


Videos uploaded: 05

• Prof. R.S.Bhatnagar: National Seminar on PHILOSOPHY IN PRACTICE : MAKING SENSE OF HUMAN EXISTENCE, March 2014.

• डॉ. भीमराव अम्बेडकर जी का महापरिनिर्वाण दिवस श्रद्धांजली समारोह :December 6, 2014

• 28th National Conference of Council for Teacher Education, December 2014.

• Prof. Himmat Singh Sinha on Swami Brahmanand , December 2014.

• A History of Western Philosophy by the Students , November 2014.

• Indian Philosophy by Students of Dept of Philosophy , November 2014.

• Videos can be watch at:


Journal Issues:04

• Lokayata Vol.IV,No.01 (March 2014) edited by Desh Raj Sirswal

• Lokayata Vol.IV,No.02 (Sept 2014) edited by Desh Raj Sirswal

• Milestone Education Review Year 05, No. 01: Value Education & Philosophy edited by Desh Raj Sirswal

• Milestone Education Review Year 05, No. 02 : Higher Education in India edited by Manoj Kumar


Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal

SPPIS, Haryana


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