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Second Session of SPPIS Haryana in 2014

Second Session of SPPIS Haryana to be held in June 2014
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Goal: $1200.00 Started: December 6, 2013
Ended: May 31, 2014


Dear Friend,

Since we organised an online session of Society for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinarry Studies (SPPIS Haryana in June 2012 and after published a book "Contemporary Indian Philosophy" as its proceedings. In June 2014, we also want to organise the second session of SPPIS. We need your assistance in regard to your research contribution as well as financial assistance for a full volume proceeding publication. The amount of registeration as well as publication will be 1500/- each paper. This is also informed here that we are also publishing an online journal Lokayata: Journal of Positive Philosophy, if you want that this journal will come in print form, kindly do assist us.



Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal

SPPIS, Haryana


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